The first article dealt with how to assess your property’s security aspects and layout and what to look for when making your perimeter more burglar proof. This article deals with do-it-yourself aspects and what security companies can offer you.     


Home alarm systems and surveillance cameras are readily available in do it yourself kits, with  a variety of cameras, recording equipment, access control systems, motion detectors and so on. You’ll find numerous wholesale home security systems and camera providers online. Keep in mind that many of these items are inferior and a waste of money. Ensure you do not get ripped off with a low quality home security system, buy only from reputable resellers and enquire at local security companies and home ware stores about similar products.

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At a minimum, your property should have an alarm system which acts as a deterrent, scares off intruders and alerts neighbours and the occupants of possible problems. No matter your home’s layout, opt for window and door sensors, primarily on ground level, but also at any balcony entry doors. Passive infra red or “motion” detectors should be pointed to entry points, passages and windows that might not have sensors in order to pick up any movement as soon as possible. Basic do-it-yourself alarm systems are simple to install and can instantly improve protection of your property.

Some systems come with flashing lights and sirens that can alert the neighbours. These are a good deterrent to intruders as long as they do not frequently go off for no apparent reason. Be sure to let your neighbours know if you’re leaving home for an extended period, ask them to keep their ears and eyes open.

With the diy option, the points of installation are very important. Seeing that you are not making use of an expert in security, who will know where to position and point your passive infra red detectors and so forth, you need to make 100% sure that all possible areas and access points are covered. Read the previous article on Assessing your property’s layout.


A good house security system should have monitoring and surveillance services. Most recognized security companies offer security system installation, maintenance and monitoring. Monitoring companies have trained personnel who respond to an alarm system that’s been triggered. Whether you need medical assistance, protection from intruders or any other safety related matter, they have the facilities to cater for it all. Generally your best option is an experienced security provider with resources and technical skills  to provide adequate home security systems, armed response and backup for your needs. Many security firms provide installation and maintenance of integrated safety solutions and also offer you monitoring of your security system at a monthly fee.

Look around your area whether you see any patrol cars or security signs. Brand visibility and Company reputation are good indicators of whether a security company is reputable.  A well established company that is highly visible and promote their business and services is usually the better option.

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What’s the Difference Between a Lap Band and a Tummy Tuck?

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As many men and women evaluate their options for trimming their midsection, many are wondering about the differences between lap band procedures and the traditional tummy tuck. What are the essential differences between the two? How can you tell which one is right for you? 

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Tummy tuck is also referred to as abdominoplasty within medical circles and describes the procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the midsection, leaving it flat and toned. It is important to note that tummy tuck surgeries are not intended to be replacement for weight loss attempts and should be used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise and eating moderate portions of good food. This is not a permanent form of weight loss. Once the skin and excess fat is removed, it can return if you fail to eat properly. 

On the other hand, lap band procedures are specifically designed to help aid initial weight loss efforts. A lap band is a small circle of material placed around the junction of your esophagus where it enters the stomach. This material effectively narrows the opening into the stomach, which makes it harder to eat large portions of food. If you eat too much, the food will get stuck in your throat or make you feel ill. This has the effect of making the person eat less and we all know that when we eat less, we lose weight. 

As you can see, tummy tuck and lap band procedures are two different types of operations designed to achieve two different goals. Abdominoplasty surgery will help remove excess skin and flatten an abdomen after massive weight loss or may be used to get rid of those final stubborn pounds. However, lap band is used by very obese people that want to lose a massive amount of weight by eating less. 

In some cases, both procedures may be indicated for your situation. If you use a lap band to lose a lot of weight, you may want to augment your new body by removing the excess skin left behind. An abdominoplasty can do just that. Contact a plastic surgeon in your area today to learn more about these procedures. He or she should be able to answer any questions you may have and let know if one or both of the procedures are right for you. Massive weight loss with lap band therapy can happen quite quickly and may make you an abdominoplasty candidate before you know it.

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Positions in a Law Firm

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If you run into a legal dispute, and everyone does, you may need to hire a law firm to represent you. If so, it helps to know who is who in regard to positions in the law firm.

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Positions in a Law Firm

It may come as a surprise to learn that law firms tend to be very rigid in their structure. From the very beginning, the law firm has maintained a layered structure that just seemed to work. As the years have passed, there has been little or no change to this structure. If you retain a law firm to represent you in any legal matter, it helps to understand the positions and who you will be speaking with.

At the top of the organization chart is the lead attorney on your case. This is where the buck stops when it comes to strategy, final decisions and problems. The lead attorney is often a partner in the firm, but not always. He or she is the attorney you will probably meet with when you first come into the firm. The attorney is responsible for practically everything on your case, but has a team that does much of the leg work on day to day matters.

Below the lead attorney, one tends to find an associate lawyer. The associate is typically a less experienced attorney who is earning his or her stripes and trying to work their way up to a partner position. When it comes to communicating with the firm on your case, you will inevitably talk with the associate on numerous occasions. He or she will often call with questions related to factual issues and will address many of your questions as they arise.

Next comes the valuable paralegal. The paralegal is not a licensed attorney, but is often very knowledgeable on legal issues and strategies. The paralegal role in a firm is to do most of the detail work. This can include hunting down witnesses, setting depositions, compiling filings and so on. He or she will often share work with the associate attorney.

Finally, the law clerk is a person in the firm that will probably work on your case a lot without you even knowing it. A law clerk is almost always a law school student. To pick up practical experience, the law clerk takes a part time position with the firm. The job duties vary from firm to firm, but often are focused on doing legal research on various legal issues. Much of the legal regulation of a situation is determined by case law opinions issues by appellate or supreme courts of the states and federal jurisdictions. A law clerk spends a lot of time in a library reading these as they relate to your matter and reporting the results back to the associate and lead attorney.

One of the keys to understanding how to deal with a law firm is to know who is who. Now you do.

The Ultimate Motorcycle Camping Gear Pack List

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A great article that talks about many things to consider when you are packing for a motorcycle camping trip.  Take into consideration what you will be doing and where you will be going, what type of weather conditions and how long you plan to be out on the road.

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here’s nothing better than the feeling of being free on the open road! Something about motorcycles makes answering the call to adventure a thrilling necessity – and there’s no better way to do that than to go camping!

Camping allows you to reconnect with nature and find balance in yourself. There are few things in life more harmonious than pitching a tent near a bubbling stream and skipping rocks well into the evening. Motorcycle camping, however, requires some adjustments to be made when it comes to planning and packing.

Pack Light

Before you really start considering what to pack, make sure you stick to lightweight camping gear and compact items that won’t take up too much space or weigh you down. Also keep in mind that many of the items (especially clothes and containers) can be used for at least two purposes. An example would be a stuff sack that holds your cookware can also be used as a bucket or wash basin.


For clothing you want to be prepared for any occasion. Don’t forget rain gear if there is even the slightest possibility of rain where you will be riding. Dress in layers and look for clothing made of synthetic materials as they will normally be thinner and lighter while giving increased performance in addition to keeping moisture away from the skin. Of course you will want to choose comfortable riding jacket and pants that fit the temperature range you will be in. There are many different styles available made of both leather and synthetic materials for any application.


There are many different ways to set up shelter when motorcycle camping. While most people prefer to pack a tent that will give a little extra room and confort, some prefer the minimalist set-up of a Camping Hammock or a Bivy. There are many types of tents you can invest in but remember the larger tents also weigh more when packed and take up a lot more space. Some tents even have a large vestibule to park your motorcycle in. When using a camping hammock you will want to consider whether or not you will need one with insect netting and if you are going to use it in cooler temperatures you may also want an underquilt.

Sleeping Bag

Most sleeping bags are made with either synthetic filling or down. Each have their own pros and cons and the best choice depends on what sort of conditions you will be experiencing. Make sure to choose a bag with a temperature rating that is 20-30 degres lower than what you will be camping in. Remember that those ratings are survival temperatures and does not mean that you will be comfortable in those temperatures. If you are using a motorcycle camping hammock you may want a sleeping bag that fits around the hammock instead of putting the bag inside the hammock. With the bag on the outside of the hammock the bags filling is more effective because it does not get compressed.

Sleeping Mat

Most campers remember a sleeping bag but forget their sleeping mat! Although it may seem like something that isn’t necessary, a sleeping mat is an essential piece of motorcycle camping gear! Having a mat will help to ensure that the ground doesn’t suck away too much of your warmth at night if you are in a tent, and in a hammock it will help give support to the bottom adding comfort and warmth.

Cooking Gear and Food

Some motorcycle campers prefer not to take food on thier journey and instead just stop at restaurants along the way for their meals. It’s a solid plan that helps minimize the amount of stuff you need to carry with you, however some prefer to save a little money by packing freeze dried meals or buying food locally and preparing it at the campsite. At minimum you will need to bring some type of portable camping stove that has the ability to boil water for coffee or meals, along with whatever type of fuel is needed. You will also need some type of cookware and utensils. Look for lightweight motorcycle camping gear for these items as they are made to be lightweight and compact for easy transportation. Also don’t forget trash bags and be sure to pack out what you brought in!

Dirty Clothes Bag

No matter how well you packPsychology Articles, you’ll need a dirty clothes bag if you want to have an ideal adventure. You won’t want your dirty clothes mixing with your clean clothes – especially your dirty clothes are soaked from the elements! Using a well ventilated bag will allow wet or sweaty clothes to dry out.

Find the Center of Gravity

Before you start packing lay out all your gear and take inventory of what you are taking before you pack it. It’s important to make sure that you put the heaviest items low and towards the center of your bags and the lighter items on the outsides. This will help to ensure that your motorcycle isn’t thrown off balance when you’re riding. You also may want to consider what items you need to keep accessible for quick stops along the way.

Now with all your items packed you are ready to set out on your motorcycle camping adventure!

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Copywriting vs Public Relations

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A Public Relations (PR) role is never without good writing abilities. Despite the blurred roles between a copywriter and a PR practitioner, there is a fine line between the each of their work. We share with you the differences between the roles by comparing and contrasting.

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Content Objective vs Communication Objective

The main contrast between a copywriter and a PR practitioner is that while copywriters focus on the objective of creating content that sells an idea, PR practitioners target the communication aspect of disseminating messages to shareholders. Copywriters review information that is being furnished and reveal the story behind it, as a reporter would from a third party’s point of view. However, a PR practitioner projects the company’s reputation through the collaterals released, be it a media press kit or a simple press release.

Research Content vs Research Industry

Though both roles require research for their writing, the type of research differs with PR and copywriting. The former involves researching the industry the PR firm is working with by conducting background research on their client’s brand and analysing competitors. Research enables better communication between PR, media and consumers throughout the PR campaign. Copywriters’ research is often limited to content topics to produce pieces of writing. They create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to spur profitable consumer action which functions as a call to action for clients.

Develop Content Writing vs Develop Communication Strategies

Copywriters develop content writing by engaging in marketing content through their writing skills such as creating catchy headlines. Effective copywriting aims to create content that build brand identity, benefit readers and encourage the public to purchase the mentioned product or service. More than just creating content, PR looks at communication strategies on the whole and develop targeted messages for different platforms and tools to achieve communication objectives.

All in all, multiple distinctions can be drawn between copywriting and PR. More than just write, copywriters straddle the world of writing with the world of content marketing whereas PR practitioners build communication bridges. As a boutique PR agency, Brand Inc. is committed to creating enthralling story angles for our clients. With our expertise spanning a variety of industries including consumer lifestyle and healthcare PRFree Web Content, we have delivered significant results for the big brand names that we hold as key accounts.

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Family Dispute: Need To Consult a Family Lawyer in UAE?

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Dr. Elhais and his team of family lawyers and divorce lawyers in Dubai and across UAE are ready to help with any problems connected with UAE family law.

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Family is a fundamental part of any society, and eventually the meaning of family itself is referred in legal jargon, and several legislations explicitly administer disputes pertaining to family. Family disputes occur when there is a conflict of interest or opinions between family members, and such conflicting viewpoints can lead to arguments and miscommunications. On-off chance, if the family is unable to reach an amicable solution, they have to undeniably approach the court to resolve such issues. That is when consulting a Family Lawyer in UAE would be inevitable.  

Family conflicts can be in many forms. These disputes could be over many different topics like:

    • Divorce/separation, where there can be several reasons for dissolving a marriage and can occur at any time. A family dispute can lead to a divorce, and the reason could be one of many, like lack of financial support, desertion, harm, etc.

    • Child custody: where, either parents can fight for the care of the child. Custody laws in the UAE are fraught with mentions of the child’s best interests.

    • Alimony is also one of the reasons for family disputes. When a husband and wide undergoes a divorce, the alimony comes into play as spousal support or maintenance.

    • Disputes may also arise from aspects like child protection and the laws associated with it.

    • Domestic abuse is violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting. Family disputes often arise from such abuses and acts of violence put families in turmoil.

    • Forced marriages often result in weak communication amongst the husband and the wife. Lack of interaction and forcing oneself to marry the other person can lead to family disputes. A healthy marriage only survives when both individuals are happy with their other half.

    • Mediation is a way of settling disputes between people in conflict, usually looked after by a neutral person. Separated families are motivated to use family mediation to help resolve their differences about children.

If you have been facing in any of the aforementioned issues, it is advised to seek legal assistance from Best Family Lawyers in Dubai. Hiring a family legal consultant can expedite the matter and can help you to stay one step ahead in such emotional and difficult times. Dr Hassan Elhais and his team of legal experts at Al Rowaad Advocates can help you with clear strategies to keep in control of the situation. In the matters of family disputes like divorce, separation, financial settlements and children custody or maintenance, consulting the best divorce lawyer in Dubai will be your best bet.

The decision to consult a divorce lawyer is the best because such family disputes have a significant impact on one’s financial and well-being. Such consultations help you with a holistic approach where there can be a chance that an idea brought during the discussion will be the most significant legal contribution in your divorce case. If you are a person who wants to gain control of his/her future with a clear strategyFree Web Content, do not waste your time and consult with us right away. We are Dubai-based divorce lawyers who can provide you with the best legal assistance for your case.

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Bird Spikes – A Deadly Frightener Bird Proof

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Birds are very simple creatures but can present some complex problems when nesting on a home. At that time the birds have become pest birds and nobody wants a pest bird. When birds are obviously becoming pests and many problems regarding their existence occur, it is clear that the problems need to be solved properly to prevent further damages in the future. Solving problems with pest birds such as pigeons, woodpeckers, starlings and crows which are very annoying and irritating all the time when they come in very large numbers should be prioritized by all homeowners and building owners. Each year building owners and homeowners spend countless hours and money cleaning up after and repairing the damage caused by pest birds. Not only are these problems unsightly; pest birds and their feces can spread 60 plus transmittable diseases.

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Bird spikes are a non-toxic and humane bird proof way to control pigeons, as well as gulls and other large birds that perch on roofs and eaves. The bird spikes prevent birds from standing or nesting on ledges, beams, lights, chimneys, signs, window sills, and similar flat surfaces. When pigeons can’t land on a flat surface, they will simply choose to go elsewhere, saving the cost of clean-up and preventing long-term damage to buildings, as well as minimizing the diseases that pigeons and other birds can bring.

Bird spikes come in bird proof stainless steel and plastic, in various widths to fit spaces, and in short lengths of one or two feet. Once installed, they’ll continue to control bird pests for years.

Before installing bird proof bird spikes, people should walk around a structure at dusk and make note of all the places where birds are sitting. Birds can use surprising areas as perches, and a quick survey will give installers a better idea of where they need to place the bird spikes. Typically anything which protrudes from a building can and will be used as a perch, from ornamental molding above windows to poles used to hang signs and flags.

The bird proof spikes can be made from plastic or metal. Some companies design spikes especially for particular species, but any spikes will work, as long as they are too thin to support the weight of the birds, and close together enough to prevent the birds from fitting between the spikes to perch or nest. Many bird spikes come in a sunburst design which effectively protects a wide area from nesting birds. In addition to installing bird proof bird spikes, it is also a good idea to limit sources of food by controlling trash cans and making it clear that people should not feed birds in the vicinity of the problem areas.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Maureen Faibish of 711 Lincoln Way San Francisco, CA was arrested on June 24, 2005 on the charge of child endangerment in the actions leading up to the death of her son, 12-year-old Nicholas Faibish, who was mauled by one or both of her two pit bull dogs, Rex 2 and Ella.

Nicholas was discovered dead in the front bedroom of her home at approximately 15:15 PDT on June 3, 2005, by his mother, who had left the house to run some errands. She had locked her son in the basement to keep him away from the dogs. “I put him down there, with a shovel on the door.”, Faibish said in a telephone interview to the San Francisco Chronicle. “He had a bunch of food. And I told him, ‘Stay down there until I come back.’ Typical Nicky, he wouldn’t listen to me.”

Faibish stated that she believes that her son had walked in when Rex 2, a male pit bull, was attempting to mate with Ella, a female pit bull who was in heat at the time. She stated that Rex 2 had been acting possessively prior to the incident. A police officer shot and killed Ella in order to gain entry to the apartment. Rex 2 was captured and removed to an animal shelter. “The police killed the wrong dog if you ask me.”, Faibish said.

Fur fans flock to Toronto’s Furnal Equinox 2019

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Monday, March 25, 2019

From March 15 to 17, the Canadian city of Toronto played host to the tenth Furnal Equinox, an annual event dedicated to the “furry fandom.” Wikinews attended. Programming ranged from music to gender, science to art, covering dozens of aspects of the varied subculture. The event’s featured guests were visual artists Moth Monarch and Cat-Monk Shiro, as well as the co-owners of US fursuit costume builders Don’t Hug Cacti.

The event raised nearly CDN$11,000 for Pet Patrol, a non-profit rescue organization in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, run by volunteers. This exceeded their goal of $10,000, the funds needed to finish a rural sanctuary. The furry community is well-known for their charitable efforts. Along with direct donations, the funds were raised through a charity auction offering original artwork, and a fursuit design by guests of honour “Don’t Hug Cacti.” Last year, Furnal Equinox raised funds for a farm animal sanctuary.

While only 10–15% of people within the fandom own a fursuit according to a 2011 study, event organizers reported this year 908 of the 2240 attendees at Furnal Equinox brought at least one elaborate outfit to the event. The outfits are usually based on original characters, known as “fursonas”.

Guests of Honour Cherie and Sean O’Donnell, known within the community as “Lucky and Skuff Coyote”, held a session on fursuit construction on Saturday afternoon. The married couple are among the most prominent builders in the fandom, under the name Don’t Hug Cacti. The scale of their business was evident, as Sean had made over a thousand pairs of “handpaws”, costume gloves.

The couple encouraged attendees to continue developing their technique, sharing that all professional fursuit makers had developed different techniques. They felt that they learned more from failed projects than successful ones, citing the Chuck Jones quote that “every artist has thousands of bad drawings,” and that you have to work through them to achieve. Cherie, known as Lucky, recalled receiving a Sylvester the Cat plush toy from a Six Flags theme park at age 10. She promptly hollowed the toy out, turning it into a costume. Creating a costume isn’t without its hazards: the company uses 450°F (232°C) glue guns. They’re “like sticking your hand in an oven.”

Other programming included improv comedy, dances, life drawing of fursuiters, a review of scientific research by a research group at four universities called FurScience, a pin collector’s social, and workshops in writing.

The “Dealer’s Den” hall was expanded this year, with even more retailers and artists. While many offered “furry” versions of traditional products, at least one business focused on “pushing the boundaries of fursuit technology.” Along with 3D printing a bone-shaped name tag when Wikinews visited, Grivik was demonstrating miniature computer screens that could be used as “eyes” for a fursuit. The electronic displays projected an animation of eyes looking around, blinking occasionally. The maker has also developed “a way to install a camera inside suit heads, to improve fursuiter visibility.” He hopes the tech would reduce suiting risks and accidents. Without the need for eyeholes, fursuit makers would have “more options for building different eyestyles.”

byAlma Abell

If you have some vacation time that needs to be used, it is obvious that you are wondering how you are going to spend it. Maybe you have already imagined yourself sitting in a comfortable chair looking at a beautiful Lake surrounded by mother nature. The only question on your mind is where the perfect location would be.

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If you are the type of person who likes to sit by the lake, do some fishing, and enjoy a beautiful sunset, Smith Mountain Lake Rentals Huddleston VA is the place for you. You will be happy to know that everything you need is available. If you need to rent a fishing boat for the duration of your vacation, there are plenty to choose from. If you would like to do some water skiing, this is also something to consider.

You work hard on a daily basis. You may as well make sure that you have the perfect place to take your next vacation. Your family deserves to get away and relax for a few days. When you do this, you will be preparing your body to come back to your busy everyday life. Treat yourself to a luxury vacation today and find out for yourself what you have been missing out on. Visit RSI Rentals Inc for more details.