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Kangol is a hard act to follow. Legendary and hugely popular worldwide, Kangol spawned imitators but none could ever hope to match its mystique. Everyone from the Beatles to rap stars and DJs wore them. Times change. Hip hop is all about innovation and chameleon like change in styles. This is apparent in the style of hats that is now currently popularthe 5 panel hat. Someone who loves hip hop style apparel can pick up an ordinary 5 panel hat for a few dollars or go in for a more stylish and expensive premium hat.

Premium Brooklyn 5 panel hats differ from ordinary 5 panel hats. One can expect superb, hand-crafted workmanship and the use of choice materials for a premium and stylish look in these hats created for the fashion conscious hip hoppers. You could pick a premium panel hat with suede brims and leather straps while the panels are classy fabric or even leather if you like.

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In 2014 hats have made a comeback and the 5 panel hat too is not lagging behind. Pair these hats with mirrored sunglasses and you have a look that gets you attention. Select a premium Brooklyn style hat hand-stitched and assembled in Brooklyn and you can proudly claim to be wearing an original. For a retro look you can select a checkerboard design or opt for a more subdued solid shade. Not that there is any lack of choices in premium 5 panels with florals, camouflage and ikkat types being the most popular these days.

How to wear the hat is another question one may consider. It was a style to wear the hat reversed but no longer. One does not even wear it pushed back. These days wearing it square on the head, the traditional way, is what is in fashion. Since these hats have a brim, wearers can make full use of them to shade their eyes in the summer or keep it flat. The threads that go best with this type of hat are casuals, probably a loose T shirt with joggers.

For the fashion conscious it pays to adopt a top down approach, which means starting at the top with a hat and then accessorizing as well as matching garments, possibly a pair of Hilfiger jeans, for a premium hip hop look that P Diddy would envy. One must look not only cool, but way too cool because extravagance is the order of the day now that recession is receding. Hip hoppers like to call themselves B-boys or Flyboys depending on whether they are into music or dance. Regardless of their affiliations, they will find that premium 5 panel Brooklyn hats go well with padded nylons or leather jackets. It is a short step from being a deadbeat to becoming upbeat and these hats are the starting point. Hip hop is constantly recreating and re-inventing itself and the premium 5 panel Brooklyn hat is a wonderful example of how headgear can refreshingly change yet conform to a uniform concept.

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